500year Archival Corrugated Boxes

Archival Quality Trademark
  • Records management corrugated boxes
  • Blue-grey
  • Single wall
  • Buffered
  • pH of 8.0
  • Shipped flat
Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for the long term storage of documents and records, photographic, magnetic & optical media storage
  • Endorsed by the National Archives of Australia
  • Tested for 500years permanency under archival storage conditions
  • Recommended to all Government departments by the National Archives of Australia for the storage of permanent records
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate to neutralise the build up of internal acidity
  • Features the use of cellulose fibres which promotes chemical stability
  • Able to withstand continued use without significant strength loss
  • High quality water resistant adhesive used when adhering layers, will not yellow or bleed
  • Passes the Photographic Activity Test
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CodeDescriptionInternal Dimensions W X L X DUnitPriceQty   Cart  
Box.KL.Type1.50NAA Type 1168 x 371 x 250mm50pk265.00
Box.KL.Type3.50NAA Type 3159 x 371 x 112mm50pk214.50
Box.KL.Type4.25NAA Type 4292 x 371 x 250mm25pk227.00
Box.KL.Type5.50NAA Type 5210 x 371 x 137mm50pk263.00
Box.KL.Type17NAA Type 17153 x 1100 x 150mm25pk0.00
Box.KL.Type1.1NAA Type 1 - single168 x 371 x 250mm16.00
Box.KL.Type3.1NAA Type 3 - single159 x 371 x 112mm15.00
Box.KL.Type4.1NAA Type 4 - single284 x 371 x 250mm19.10
Box.KL.Type5.1NAA Type 5 - single210 x 371 x 137mm16.00
Box.KL.Type17NAA Type 17153 x 1100 x 150mm250.00
All prices inclusive of GST