Cleaning Materials

Akapad range
White - Developed for gentle cleaning of historical papers, plans, documents and particularly sensitive surfaces.
Groom Stick
Suitable for picking up and carrying away a wide variety of foreign matter such as graphite, carbon, charcoal, chalk, crayon, mould, dust, dirt and grease
Art Gum Eraser
Use for the safe removal of marks from paper, documents or books
Nitrile Gloves
Cotton Gloves
Pure, lightweight, white washable cotton gloves will protect your works of art, photographs, negatives, microfiche, microfilm and artwork from fingerprint oils, dirt and chemicals.
Pre Lim
Crepe eraser
Renaissance Wax
High quality cleaner/polish, used by museums, galleries and conservators
Dry cleaning sponge
Winsor and Newton kneadable eraser
Dust Bunny
Magnetic wiping fabric constructed from a special polymer blend which generates a dust attracting electrostatic charge that attracts surface debris