State Library of Victoria Information Guides

The State Library of Victoria is one of Australia's oldest cultural institutions. It is the major reference and research library in Victoria, responsible for collecting and preserving Victoria's documentary heritage and making it available through a range of services and programs.

Conservation Resources highly recommends the following Information Guides as useful reading and appreciates the assistance of the State Library of Victoria.

Packing and storing books

These guidelines outline an effective preventative approach to the problems of book storage.

Dealing with pests

Rats, mice, silverfish, moths and other insects will all feed on the organic material in books and can do serious damage to valuable collections.

Dealing with mould

How to treat and prevent mould invasions and information on relevant health issues.

Storing works on paper

Information about the nature of paper, the causes of its destruction and how to slow the process.

Storing newspapers

Details about the vulnerable state of newspapers, common problems with its preservation and how best to store and handle cuttings and whole editions.

Caring for photographs

These guidelines for preservation through careful storage and handling can be applied to all photographic materials.

Caring for family history documents

Environmental monitoring, pest control, disaster preparedness, conservation treatments, and preservation copying and packaging for family history items.

Framing artworks on paper

When framing artworks on paper in order to hang and display them, it is important to use quality materials and conservation framing techniques in order to protect and preserve the works.