National Archives of Australia

The National Archives of Australia is an agency of the Commonwealth government, established under the Archives Act 1983. It is a non-statutory body in the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.
The National Archives of Australia cares for valuable Commonwealth government records and makes them available for present and future generations to use. The National Archives' recordkeeping standards assist the government to account to the public, ensuring that evidence is available to support people's rights and entitlements and that future generations will have a meaningful record of the past.

Conservation Resources highly recommends the following Archive Advices as useful reading and appreciates the assistance of the National Archives of Australia.

Archive Advices - Preservation

  1. Protecting and handling paper files
  2. Protecting and handling archival volumes
  3. Protecting and handling maps and plans
  4. Protecting and handling gramophone discs
  5. Protecting and handling magnetic media
  6. Protecting and handling optical disks
  7. Protecting and handling photographs
  8. Protecting and handling microforms
  9. Protecting and handling objects
  10. Caring for your family archive
  11. Archival quality packaging
  12. Displaying archival material
  13. Salvaging flood-damaged records
  14. Which paper?
  15. Archival quality trademark
  16. Protecting documents and artworks on paper
  17. Integrated pest management
  18. Photocopies and laser prints
  19. Thermal papers
  20. Time capsules
  21. Standard and guidelines for the physical storage of Commonwealth records
  22. Digital recordkeeping guidelines and checklist
  23. Salvaging fire-damaged records