ProLongฎ Presentation Album


  • Black
  • Album and slipcase covered in textured leather-like book cloth
  • Handcrafted archival quality
  • 30 scored, 100% cotton pages
  • Polyester interleaving
  • Bound with silver book screws
  • Lined with black archival quality paper
  • Photographs are mounted on one side only

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for the presentation of important works or photographs
  • Slipcase offers contents protection from dust and light
  • Interleaved with clear polyester film for protection against the oils and acids in fingertips
  • Acid free
  • Lignin free

Standard Range

  • Black book cloth
  • Black or white pages
  • Black internal lining
  • Silver book screws
Product CodeDescription – To Fit Photo SizeStylePage Size
PPA-SBP-L-4x6-B-14 x 6” Small Album Black PagesLandscape150 x 220mm
PPA-SWP-L-4x6-B-14 x 6” Small Album White PagesLandscape150 x 220mm
PPA-MBP-L-8x10-B-18 x 10” Medium Album Black PagesLandscape210 x 300mm
PPA-MWP-L-8x10-B-18 x 10” Medium Album White PagesLandscape210 x 300mm
PPA-LBP-L-10x12-B-110 x 12” Large Album Black PagesLandscape275 x 375mm
PPA-LWP-L-10x12-B-110 x 12” Large Album White PagesLandscape275 x 375mm
PPA-SBP-P-14x11-B-114 x 11” Square Album Black PagesPortrait370 x 330mm
PPA-SWP-P-14x11-B-114 x 11” Square Album White PagesPortrait370 x 330mm
PPA-SBP-L-11x14-B-111 x 14” Square Album Black PagesLandscape330 x 370mm
PPA-SWP-L-11x14-B-111 x 14” Square Album White PagesLandscape330 x 370mm
PPA-GBP-P-20x14-B-120 x 14” Grand Album Black PagesPortrait550 x 375mm
PPA-GWP-P-20x14-B-120 x 14” Grand Album Black PagesPortrait550 x 375mm

Made to Order

Price on Application
*Available in sizes shown below or your choice of millimetres up to the dimensions of 20x14"
Product Code To Fit Photo SizePage Size

Please quote the product code you require

CPPA-BP-L-5x7-B -15 x 7” Album Black Pages210 x 250mm
CPPA-WP-L-5x7-B -15 x 7” Album White Pages210 x 250mm
OR Customised*Your Choice*Your Choice*

Available Options

Foil BlockingEmbossing (raised)Debossing (recessed)
Blind BlockingEmbossing (raised)Debossing (recessed)
Brass Book Screws 
Portrait Style  
Landscape Style