Custom Polywelds


In creating the Polyweld it is important the sealing of the polyester is as permanent as the polyester itself, which is why each product is hand-made on the patented Polyweld machine. Polyweld is a method of sealing the edge of the polyester sheets without using any adhesives,solvents or additives of any kind. Through heat, this method 're-extrudes' the polyester to provide a seal that is as strong as the original material, with a unique smooth, rolled edge.

Features & Benefits

  • Polyester Polywelds offer ultimate protection for the preservation of works on paper
  • Suitable for the storage of photographs, documents, letters, maps, fine prints,textiles
  • Superior archival quality
  • Placing the item in a Polyweld enclosure allows the contents to be viewed without exposing the contents to contamination from handling or the environment
  • All enclosures are hand made from sheet Archival Polyester
  • Polywelds are dimensionally stable
  • Free from all plasticisers, surface coatings, adhesive layers and ultraviolet inhibitors
  • Tested and proven to withstand 500 years of artificial ageing at 105 degrees celcius & 50% relative humidity.

Order and Size

  • As Polywelds are individually hand made any style or size may be ordered
  • In general, a minimum and maximum on the dimensions of a Polyweld do exist. However, very large or oversize Polywelds, which require folding to be welded, can be made. Please contact to discuss your requirements. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.
  • Minimum manufacturing size is 30 x 30mm
  • Maximum manufacturing size is 1275 x 1275mm
  • We recommend enclosures with one dimension greater than 400mm be made from 100 micron polyester