Polyester Photo Corners - Style N

Polyester Photo Corners are made from two sheets of Archival Polyester cut to approximately 100mm square and welded on all four sides to make a set of four photo corners. A roll of 3M #415 tape (6mm x 32.9metres) is required to use these photo corners and can be purchased separately.

How to Use

Decide on the size required and place the double-sided tape across the corner of the square to the size required. Repeat for each corner.

With a pair of scissors, cut the corner off the square. Leave a minimum of 2mm on the outside edge of the tape. (Note: Larger corners may require two pieces of tape.)

Place the mounts on each corner of your photograph with the tape facing the back of the photo.

Remove the tape from the mount and place in the predetermined position on the album page or board.

For very large photographs where a larger corner is required - cut the square diagonally - two squares then make one set of mounts.

To make stamp mounts cut the square into 4 smaller squares.