Personalised Stamping

Would you like to feature your logo or name on a product from the ProLong range of presentation products? We can customize your portfolio with additional options such as personalized stamping.

This is done using either foil or blind blocking. Foil or Blind blocking uses a metal block to emboss or deboss your name, message or logo onto your portfolio. This is undertaken during the manufacturing process. To personalise your custom made portfolio, simply order the product of your choice through the Made to Order service and request the style of blocking you prefer at the time of ordering.

Foil Blocking - coloured foil is used with a metal block to stamp the logo or text, leaving the foil impression on the product. The most common colours used are silver and gold, but a range of colours are available. Foil blocking may be done as embossed or debossed.

Blind Blocking - Colour is not used. The metal block is stamped into the book cloth leaving an impression of the logo or text image on the product.

Embossing - The design is raised.

Debossed - The design is recessed.

You may already have a metal block featuring the artwork or we can arrange for a block to be made (at your cost) from artwork you supply. Please supply us with a disk showing the artwork in black and white and in its required size.